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Since 1993, Alphabet Kids has been supporting busy families across Toronto. We offer a variety of our family favourites, giving your child a wealth of healthy options for a complete and balanced lunch.

Our Menus have vegetarian and Dairy options and are certified Kosher "COR 1065". You can visit our Menu page for more information on the food that we offer.

More About Us...

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ALPHABET KIDS prepares simple, nourishing food for children 6 months and older. We meet, and exceed, the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act. For allergies, ALPHABET KIDS prepares alternative, single-serve meal, labelled with the child's name and allergy details. We offer alternatives for everything from Dairy, Soy, Gluten and Eggs. All of our kitchens are 100% Nut Free. As well as lunches, we can provide morning and afternoon snacks.

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At ALPHABET KIDS we understand the impact a well balanced diet can have on a child's ability to focus and actively participate in the classroom. As a result, we have designed our lunch delivery service to work in partnership with the many schools we serve. Each day, an ALPHABET KIDS representative will deliver the lunches to a predetermined location in your school and volunteers appointed by the school or PTA will hand them out.

At ALPHABET KIDS, we create mutually beneficial and positive relationships with every school we work with. If you would like to learn more about our program or discuss the potential to become an ALPHABET KIDS partner, please email us at clientcare@alphabetkids.ca

Our Menu

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With all the on-the-go activities of camp, children need a well balanced diet to give them the energy to play and enjoy themselves. ALPHABET KIDS wants to support the development and play of your children with a healthy, delicious lunch.

For camp partners, we offer the use of our easy, online ordering system or simply a flat-rate, weekly menu to fit in to how you already run your camp ordering. Depending on your budget, we can offer your campers a lunches only menu or an AM/PM (or both) snack alongside their lunches.


Sample Menu

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