Adding Your Child

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Step 1 One

** You will need to add an account for EACH of your children.

Visual instructions for how to set up your child accounts. On the Calendar page, underneath the Date(Month and Year) there is a drop down list of your existing child accounts(if any). Beside that is an 'Add Child' button and 'Edit Child Account' button (it will edit the account selected under the drop down list).
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Step 2 Two

After clicking 'Add Child', fill out the appropriate textboxes. The required fields are followed by an asterisk. Be sure to add th Grade and Room Number to help get the lunch to the appropriate child as quickly as possible. Then click Save and return to the Calendar page.


●  You will need to add an account for each of your children.
●  Please remember to include your child's grade. It helps get their lunches to them faster.
●  If your child moves to a new school, you can change your information by selecting "EDIT" next to the drop down menu.

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